Read our FAQ. If you don’t see an answer to some questions that you might have, feel free to contact us either by our contact form, WhatsApp or by phone call.

Can anyone go trekking in Morocco or is it only for experts?

Yes !! Anyone can. Bring yourself, your friends, family, a group, scout troop, do a charity event or come on one one of our events…. you decide.

What about the water?

The tap water in the mountains and in and around Marrakech is quite heavily mineralised and can be hard on your system. Normally bottled mineral water is supplied (included in the costs) at 2 litres per person per day on a trek, carried by the mules until you wish to replenish your container. You can purchase more if you wish. In some places, there is little river water available depending on the season and amounts of local rainfall and snow melt, therefore bringing a filter bottle or purification tablets may be fruitless. Check first if there is going to be natural water avalable. We are currently looking at a company who has a filtration bottle as we are concerned at the use of plastic and its impact on the environment. Perhaps in the future we may offer them for sale to our trekking clients.

What about tips for Guides and the Team

Tips for Guides and Muleteers are not a part of their income, they are your thank you for their hard work and services and although not mandatory, it is the accepted norm to give and there are pretty standard guidelines for how much is normally given.
A mountain Guide is 100 dirhams per day (€10), a Muleteer who is also the cook, the same, and Muleteer, 50 dirhams per day (€5).
It is easier to work it out before you arrive and have it ready rather than be looking for it at the end of your trip, keep it safe in an envelope and give it at the end.
If you are only a few people, you can adjust this to your budget, likewise a big group may wish to give more.
Thank you.

Can we hire any gear?

Yes!! in the trail head village of Imlil, there are many shops that rent gear for all seasons. For winter treks, they have all the equipment needed including crampons, ice-axes, boots, gaiters, skis, and all the clothing. Camping gear can also be hired although we usually supply tents and foam mattresses on our treks that have camping nights.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email or call us.

What about accommodation? Accommodation on your trek may or may not include overnights in Marrakech. This will depend on your arrival time and can be included as part of our agreed itinerary. We are happy to organise accommodations in any location if you require. We include the transport to and from Marrakech or between other towns and cities to and from treks.
On treks, you will be staying in village riads, guesthouses, gites and homestays, or camping in tents.
On Toubkal treks, you will spend at least one night in a refuge in shared dorms, or in summer, you can sleep outside of the refuge in tents and our mule team will take care of you.

What about language issues and why take a guide? All our guides are fluent in several languages as well as thier native Berber tongue. This means that they can translate for you to locals and between the mule team. Guides have in the past been mistrusted and people have decided to trek alone; we would like to say that having a Guide is essential for your safety, to liase with locals, to help you get the best out of your experience and to guide you in places you would otherwise possibly never find or go. They know the mountains, understand the weather, know alternative routes if needed and know how to deal with altitude sickness. We strongly advise people do not trek alone in Morocco, particularly in the High Atlas as fatalaties have occured due to trekkers not taking guides. Be responsible, make sure you can afford to take a guide, it is not expensive and may save your life. It will certainly make your experience a more amazing one.

Payment Terms:

The amount of deposit we ask is to guarantee your booking with the balance payable in instalments and on arrival.

*A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. A further 25% at least one month before arrival. The remaining 50% to be paid in cash on arrival in Morocco.

Currencies accepted are Moroccan Dirhams, Euros, British Pounds and US

Dollars and are subject to daily exchange rates.

*we prefer to pay a deposit to secure Guides and accommodation reservations for your peace of mind and also for the hotels, so they have a secure reservation.


Payment methods:

Please note that fees may apply and they are the responsibility of the buyer to pay.


What you are paying for:

Booking normally includes accommodation reservations, meals where stated, guides, vehicle hire, driver, fuel and transfers if applicable. For trekking tours, the price is usually all inclusive.

Please note: tips to drivers are at the discretion of the client. For trekking tours there are general guidelines for tips.

Entrance fees to monuments are not always included unless stated otherwise in our program with you.

Please read carefully what is and is not included in your program.

Most Hotels and Riads have to charge city tax to clients; these vary from city to city, but usually are €1.50 to 2.50 per person per night. In some cities like Casablanca they can be up to €4.00.

We will notify you if these are included in our prices or if they are payable directly to the hotel on arrival.

As we prefer our clients to have a stress free time while they are in our care, we try to make sure as much as possible is included in the quoted price on booking.


Client Information: cancellations and changes

Should something arise that means you need to cancel or reschedule your trek or tour with us please advise in writing by email at least 6 weeks in advance of the commencement date of your tour. However we cannot guarantee the same hotels will have vacancies at a later date and you may lose your deposit for reserved accommodations.

In the event that we need to alter your itinerary and /or accommodations due to weather conditions etc, we will advise by email.

We advise that at certain times of the year weather conditions can change quickly and may cause moderate to severe flooding which can lead to delays. Snow fall amounts can also cause changes to be made for safety.

We cannot be held responsible for any missed flights or problems with travel arrangements because of weather conditions. Please check online before travelling and make allowances accordingly.

We are proud of the ability of our Guides to be flexible and trust their judgement implicitly when alterations have to be made for your safety.

Thank you for choosing to trek with us in Morocco, we wish you an incredible experience full of breath-taking vistas and unforgettable memories.

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